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Private Student Loans

Private loans are not issued by the federal government. Instead, they’re funded by banks, credit unions, and other types of lenders. Private Student Loans are a totally different issue. Although they are similar in some aspects in getting the initial loan, the repayment of these loans can be quite different and very difficult at best. With so many people (not just millennials) buried in student loan debt, finding ways to crawl out from under this massive mountain of debt, can sometimes seem unreachable. Meanwhile, the threat that such debt presents, not just to day-to-day finance problems, but also to retirement issues when the debt grows, especially if that loan balance isn’t being paid down and doesn’t shrink.

Over the past few years, a lot of progress has been made to help borrowers who have been struggling with Federal student loan debt. There are quite a few different loan repayment plans and student loan forgiveness programs that can help and keep you on track. However, that’s not the case with private student loans. Until recently, when Wells Fargo and Discover Bank announced that they would help student loan borrowers, there was not a lot of options for borrowers with Private Student Loan debt.

The truth is, whether you’re in default, have a judgment or a collection agency is ringing your phone off the proverbial hook, your private student loan troubles are quite similar to thousands of borrowers across the country. So what is a private student loan borrower to do? Get legal help! We use tried and true methods to navigate the Private Student Loan nightmare.


Phase 1

  • Gather all your Private Student Loan information
  • Legally challenge each and every lender’s debt to its content and validity.

Phase 2

  • Evaluate all documents returned by the lender for completeness of content and compliance with current governing laws.

Phase 3

  • Determine the most favorable path for our client to solve his Private Student Loan problems based on the information provided by the lenders and our client’s goals. (payment plan, settlement etc.)

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