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Bankruptcy is a specialized area of law that can be far more complex than appears on the surface. The issues are not always obvious or simple.

It is not just about filling out forms.

  • Assessing whether you should file and when is critical.
  • Your assets and your financial future are at stake.

While price is the easiest selector,  it  is not a good basis for choosing a bankruptcy lawyer.

So, how do you find a reliable professional?

What’s important in a lawyer

Bankruptcy is a field where empathy and communication skills are as important as knowledge of the law.

Choose a lawyer who can help you work through the issues, alternatives, and implications of your choices.

  • Pick a lawyer with whom you are comfortable, one whom you can ask questions and get responses you understand.
  • Choose a lawyer who either specializes in bankruptcy or does a large part of his/her practice in the field.
  • Ask questions until you understand what your choices are.
  • Don’t be afraid to interview a lawyer and leave without retaining the lawyer.