Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt

Americans have accumulated $1.34 trillion in student loan debt, which has caused generations of people to face financial hardship. Instead of buying homes and cars, taking vacations, or even buying basic necessities, people are making exorbitant monthly payments on their student loans. The problem is so grave for some people that they default on their loans in order to pay rent or utilities. At Galler Law, we know how frustrating it can be having to pick and choose which bills you can afford to pay each month, this is why we offer student loan modification services here in Roswell that will help you with consolidation and refinancing for your student loan.

Being eligible for a student loan modification largely depends on the institution you received the loan from. If you have a federal student loan, you are eligible for their flexible repayment plans. If however, you have a student loan through a private lender or bank, you will need the help of a Roswell student loan consolidation, refinancing and modification attorney to see if it is possible to change the payment terms of your loan. After reviewing your circumstances, one of our attorneys can determine if you are eligible to restructure your current loan with a repayment plan that fits better with your income. There’s also a chance that you can temporarily stop making payments while you get caught up on other bills.

How We Can Help

When you are struggling to make ends meet each month due to your student loan debt consolidation or refinancing can make a huge difference, so come to Galler Law of Roswell, Georgia and we’ll do everything in our power to help. We can review your case for free and determine if you are eligible for a student loan modification.