Chapter 7

Out of the types of consumer bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is the most common. This is known as a straightforward or “liquidation” style filing, allowing people to have many of their unsecured debts erased, like credit cards and medical bills. If you have been struggling under the weight of debt and want a way to get a clean start, then Roswell Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. If you are interested in learning more about your unique circumstances and whether this type of bankruptcy would get you to a better financial place, a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Roswell and the surrounding areas should be able to answer all of your questions! A good lawyer will go over all of your debts, income, and assets, and determine what debts can be discharged and which assets you’ll be able to keep in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy filings, even a simple Chapter 7, can be very complicated, so it’s critical to find a good attorney that you can work with, and one that makes you feel respected. No matter what your finances look like now, you deserve a second chance to make things right, and build a prosperous future for yourself. At Galler Law, we are proud to be one of the best Roswell Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in Georgia, and you can count on us to give you honest guidance, and handle your bankruptcy case with professionalism and efficiency.

How We Can Help

Roswell Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the key to getting on your feet again, so when you’re ready to get started, get in touch with our firm today and ask for your initial consultation!