Chapter 13

In a Roswell Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, you are able to retain many of your assets, reorganize your debts, and create a structured plan to get out of debt faster. This may be a great option for you, if you have a steady income and assets you wish to keep, like homes or cars, but have been struggling under the weight of other debts. This type of bankruptcy allows you to restructure and re-prioritize your debts, and work with the courts to determine a repayment timeline, typically lasting 3-5 years. For many people, Roswell Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia allows them to set clear financial goals, and get free of debt without losing everything that they’ve worked hard for.

Here at Galler Law, we can answer all of your questions and determine if this kind of bankruptcy is best for your situation. While this Roswell chapter 13 bankruptcy filing generally does not discharge all debts in full, it’s a great combination of both worlds- eliminating debts while preventing complete asset liquidation. Our law firm specializes in helping consumers just like you get control over their financial lives, and pave the way towards a successful future. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you feel confident during your bankruptcy filing, and provide resources for you to manage your money now, and into the future.

How We Can Help

If you have a good job and have been working hard, but still can’t seem to get ahead of your debts, then Chapter 13 may be a good choice for you. Reach out to Galler Law to learn more!